As a result of FTX's implosion, investors and consumers have lost billions of dollars, but there's also a long-term consequence: loss of public trust.

5 Lessons to learn from the FTX Disaster

We have discussed all the things we should learn from ftx disaster

1st lesson

As a first step, we need to establish a legal framework that will protect users while also promoting innovation at the same time.

2nd lesson

Secondly, let's keep in mind what makes blockchain technology disruptive and build products and solutions that leverage it

3rd lesson

Let's stop hero worshipping crypto founders who run centralized companie

4th lesson

Fourth, we must support enterprises that want to build on public blockchains in Web3.

5th lesson

Furthermore, while self-custody may be a useful feature for some, it may be a significant impediment to Web3 adoption for others.