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Vitalik Buterin Net Worth and Biography Vitalik Buterin Age and Education Vitalik Buterin Investments and Income Vitalik Buterin Property, Car, House and Yacht Vitalik Buterin Biography Vitalik Buterin Early Life: How did it feel like to be born as the youngest son in the family? What was his childhood like? Where did he grow up? We are going to find out about these things and more in this biography of Vitalik Buterin that covers his net worth, education, salary, career history, early life and lifestyle.

Early life and education of Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik was born on January 3rd of 1994. He attended the University of Waterloo where he obtained a degree in Computer Science. After graduating from the University of Waterloo, he became part of Ethereum as a co-founder in 2013. As an owner of Ethereum, he helped oversee its development. In 2016, he announced that Ethereum had reached a million transactions per day. In 2017, Ethereum crossed the 2.5 billion market cap line. Ethereum has a long list of projects it has invested in and is currently working with including Status, OmiseGO, Golem Network, WanChain. Ethereum is also heavily invested in Cardano and Zilliqa for scalability solutions. 

In May 2018, Ethereum unveiled plans to expand Ethereum to offer Casper Protocol as well as sharding for scaling solutions for transaction processing speeds across all networks. The company also released updates about Geth which will lead to increased efficiency by up to 400%.

Vitalik Buterin Family Background

Vitalik was born in Russia. His mother is a computer programmer who worked for Intel Corporation at the time of his birth. Vitalik’s father Dmitry is an assistant professor of computer science at Moscow State University. When Vitalik was three years old, his family moved to Canada. He attended primary school in Toronto, secondary school at the Waterloo Collegiate Institute and completed high school at the University of Toronto Schools. He enrolled in the MSc program at the University of Waterloo but left before completing it. Vitalik had a keen interest in mathematics from childhood and wrote a thesis on how consensus can be achieved by using gossip protocol as part of his undergraduate degree coursework.

Career of Vitalik Buterin

In 2013 he co-founded Bitcoin Magazine. In the same year he also wrote the Ethereum white paper in which he predicted the rise of decentralization for blockchain applications. His work helped lay the foundation for Ethereum to be built on. He is a former senior writer for Bitcoin Magazine and has written articles on cryptocurrency as well as many other topics. He is also an owner of Ethereum which is a popular cryptocurrency that allows developers to build decentralized apps using its blockchain technology. He released his Ethereum Yellow Paper in 2014. That was followed by his Ethereum Green Paper which offered solutions to the problems discovered during implementation of his ideas. Ethereum’s website says: This is a new type of distributed application. The idea behind this application is to create something similar to bitcoin but without having any middleman involved with transactions such as banks or governments.

Personal life of Vitalik Buterin

Buterin was born in Kolomna, Russia on January 3rd 1994. His family moved to Canada when Vitalik was 6 months old so that he could avoid the risk of being drafted into the Soviet Army. He attended school at Waterloo University in Ontario where he graduated with a double degree. He started his career as a programmer for Bitcoin Magazine in 2011 before co-founding Ethereum with Charles Hoskinson. He is now owner of Ethereum which is one of the largest cryptocurrencies in the world. Ethereum’s value fluctuates with time due to market forces but it has been worth over $1000 per coin in recent years. Buterin also invests in other projects like Zcash and OmiseGo through the Ethereum Foundation. There are currently plans to move Ethereum from Proof of Work (mining) to Proof of Stake (staking) which will reduce energy consumption by 90%.

Awards and recognition

Buterin was born in Kolomna, Moscow Oblast. The family moved to Canada in search of better economic opportunity when he was six years old. He studied computer science at the University of Waterloo. He was a co-founder of Bitcoin Magazine with Mihai Alisie. In 2013 he became co-founder of Ethereum with Gavin Wood, Joseph Lubin and Jeffrey Wilcke. Vitalik is the owner of Ethereum which is an open-source public blockchain-based distributed computing platform that features smart contract functionality as its core innovation.


Vitalik is the owner of Ethereum, a cryptocurrency that has grown exponentially in the past few years. Vitaliks net worth at the time of writing is $400 million. He makes an annual salary of $12 million. Vitaliks philanthropic efforts have mostly been directed towards education with donations to the University of Waterloo’s computer science department and The non-profit organization Codeathon. A postgraduate degree holder from Canada, he graduated from the University of Waterloo’s Faculty of Mathematics. There he studied Computer Science, Mathematics and Philosophy. After graduating from college, he dropped out from his PhD program to work on Bitcoin as his full-time job. In 2013 he founded ethereum together with Dr Gavin Wood under the pseudonym Vitalik Satoshi Nakamoto.

Net worth of Vitalik Buterin

He was born on January 3rd, 1994 in Russia. Vitalik studied computer science at the University of Waterloo in Canada. After he graduated in 2014 he worked on cryptocurrency projects before the Ethereum project. He is the owner of Ethereum. His net worth is $3 billion as of 2018. Ethereum’s token has a total value of $70 billion. It can be traded against other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ether. Ethereum owners make money by buying or selling their tokens to each other. The price of Ethereum’s token changes daily depending on supply and demand. It can be bought with cash or it can be mined. Mining means processing transactions for which you get rewarded with new tokens. Buterin family background: 

– Parents were Dmitry Buterin (mathematician) and Natalia Ameline (mathematical engineer) 

– Vitalik had an older sister called Anastasia who died when she was 4 years old due to complications from appendicitis

Vitalik Buterin Social Media Profiles

Vitalik has a Twitter account that he is actively using to post updates about Ethereum; however he does not have many followers. This might be because he doesn’t tweet very often or it could be that his tweets are only written in Russian. He also has an Instagram account but this one hasn’t been active for a while. It’s unclear if the Vitalik Buterin Family Background extends beyond just him.

Vitalik Buterin Investments

Today Ethereum is one of the most popular blockchain platforms in the world. Vitalik Buterin is an owner of Ethereum. His estimated net worth is $200 million in 2022. He has a huge investment portfolio with big corporations such as Facebook, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., JP Morgan Chase & Co., Twitter Inc., Tencent Holdings Ltd., eBay Inc., Intel Corporation, Toyota Motor Corp., Microsoft Corp., Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. These investments make up about $180 million of his estimated net worth in 2022. In 2009, he moved to Canada to attend university. In 2013 he founded the Bitcoin Magazine together with Mihai Alisie which lasted until 2014. He went on to found Ethereum Foundation later that year. As well as being the co-founder and lead architect of Ethereum he was also involved in other projects including OpenBazaar, Smart contracts tutorials, Dapps directory called StateOfTheDapps and has invested millions into projects like Augur, Kyber Network , Ledger wallet or IOTA cryptocurrency for instance.

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