Private Cryptocurrency List In India 2022

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So many websites are confusing you by sharing BTC, ETH as private cryptocurrencies. But these are not private cryptocurrencies. In this post, i am going go to share with you What are private cryptocurrencies and i will provide you a list of private Cryptocurrencies.

What Are Private Cryptocurrencies:

India is one of the biggest bulls in the crypto market. So Indian government has a great chance to generate money from taxes. According to the crypto exchanges, around 2 crores Indians have invested in crypto

the term ‘ private cryptocurrency ‘ can mean different things depending on different points of view. It can mean privacy coins like Monero, ZCash, and others or it can simply mean anything that falls outside the ambit of a government-controlled central bank digital currency ( CBDC).

But it’s very much clear that the government is not going to ban all cryptocurrencies. They will only ban the cryptocurrencies that hides their transaction from private.

and bnb, eth, btc, xrp etc all their transaction are completely public to the entire crypto world. You can track your bnb, eth transaction to their explorers. For bnb you can use bnb scan for eth you can use eth scan.

Private Cryptocurrencies List:

Private cryptocurrency list

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