How To Stake SCRT Tokens For Future Airdrop 2022

If you are a crypto investor or an airdrop hunter, you must have heard about luna and sCRT staking. in this article, I am going to share a very simple way on how to stake SCRT tokens from scratch. I have already shared a post on how to stake luna tokens

benefits of staking SCRT token:

there are so many benefits of sCRT token

  1. first Of all sCRT have not yet grown like other networks like solana, avax, bnb, cosmos, polkadot, ethereum, algo, matic & xlm. so there is big chnace to hold them and a good apr yearly.
  2. you will get future airdrops if you hold this token and stake it. i have shared the name of these tokens xCT, SHD and aditional bouns. more projects will come when this project will grow like luna. if you missed luna don’t miss scrt token

how to buy sCRT token:

SCRT is already listed on big exchanges. you can buy I from binance, kucoin,, mexc, hotbit & bitmart

here I am showing steps to buy scrt token from binance

create an account to binance complete KYC and buy busd with p2P. After that transfer the fund to your spot wallet. now to market (spot ) and search scrt and select scrt/busd pair. or if you have bnb or btc on your wallet, you can also, you can also choose scrt/bnb or scrt/btc pair. now click on the buy button and change the limit option to market to buy it instant. now type howmuch worth of tokens you want to buy. suppose you want to buy $100 of SCRT then type 100 and buy sCRT tokens.


  • Installed Keplr wallet, an open-source browser extension wallet for the Cosmos interchain ecosystem at
  • OR, Installed Citadel.One wallet, a non-custodial staking platform that supports both desktop and mobile.

here I will show you Citadel.One wallet because you will get extra xCT tokens from them.

Stake SCRT token:

go to and log in with google.

after logged in you will get an add network option.

Click On that. create a password

now copy the mnemonic phases to a safe place and Confirm seed phrases.

after confirming the seed phases, you will be asked to select a network.

search SCRT there and if you want to stake other tokens too then you can select them

now copy your secret network address and send SCRT from your Binance account to this wallet

after successfully getting the tokens to your wallet, click on stake and type how much you want to stake. don’t select max because you must have some fee to stake and unstake the tokens

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