How To Unmint Token From Sollet.Io And Recover Sol Fees

In this new article, I am going to show you, how to unmint sol tokens from and how to recover sol fees that you have wasted to mint tokens. You can recover your fees with 1 click. I have already made a video on this topic on my youtube channel. You can watch that video too for a better understanding.

If you are able to understand all the steps in the video, you can skip the article.

How To Recover Sol Fees and Unmint Sol Token:

I have shared 2 simple ways to recover your Sol fees. The first method is very simple. So I would you try the first method.

1st Way:

To recover sol fees by unminting sol tokens, you have to open your wallet. Then copy the below code.


Make sure that you are using chrome.

Now copy the code and paste it as shown in below the image

Now you will see a delete option added to your wallet

2nd Method:

To recover sol fees, you need to go to Bonfida Dex. Now you need to click on connect wallet. Images are included for your help. here, I am going to remove the joke token from

After clicking on connect wallet, you will be redirected to and you need to approve it to connect your wallet.

After connecting your wallet, click on show zero balances.

After that, you will be able to see all your unused added tokens on your wallet. Select the token that you want to un-mint and click on the delete icon.

After clicking on the delete icon, you will be redirected to wallet again. You need to approve the transaction. Don’t worry, you don’t need to pay any fee.

After approving the transaction, the token will be deleted from your wallet. here I have deleted jokes token from the wallet.

Now go to wallet again and check your balance.

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