How To Join Algo Airdrops

Guys if you an Airdrop hunter and want to know how to algo airdrop then you have landed on the right page on Google. To get free airdrops on algo network, you can join our Telegram channel. Just click on the telegram button

Create Algo Wallet

The very first thing to join algo airdrop is, you must have algo wallet. I use My Algo Wallet for algo address. Creating a wallet on My Algo wallet is pretty simple same as other wallets.

After going to the link I have provided, click on Access Now. Then you will be redirected to the next page. Accept privacy policy and then create a good password for your wallet.

After creating a good password, you will be redirected to the next page where you have to select new wallet.

Then Copy the Memonic phases they provided. There is a button to copy the words. Then click on I have written and verify your Memonic phases and save it your notepad or docs.

Congratulations you have successfully made your Algo wallet

How To Buy Algo At Low fees:

You must have some Algo on your wallet mint new tokens. It’s quite similar to Solana wallet. Fees are not very high and you can algo Unmint your Algo tokens addresses if you don’t receive tokens which are really amazing.

I use Kucoin to buy Algo at low fees. Fee is just 0.1 algo to withdraw your Algo token. I will recommend you to algo at least 5 Algo tokens to your wallet because I going to share a lot of airdrops on algo chain and a lot of future airdrops will come very soon on this chain

Mint Tokens:

You must have to mint Tokens Before their distribution. Otherwise, you will not receive your tokens.

Minting is very easy. I have shared some images. Follow them

After clicking on the option as shown on the image, click on Add Asset. After that you will have to paste Asset is there. Don’t worry, you will the asset details on their Google form

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